Ask any of the companies that do business with Quantum Metals and they’ll tell you that we bring a fresh approach to the industry. Since our founding in 1994, we’ve always pursued a better way of doing business. It’s an approach that makes a difference.


We have pioneered innovative processes – new and efficient methods proven through annual production of hundreds of millions of pounds of consistently higher quality products. Our approach allows our suppliers to realize maximum value for their products and our customers to enjoy value that reflects the true efficiency of our processes.


Our efficiency never means cutting corners. Instead, we take extra steps to ensure the integrity of our products and service. We adhere to documented quality programs as well as strict company procedures and provide thorough, detailed information to our customers.


Quantum’s Quality Assurance is the best in the business. We sort and test inbound materials for alloy purity, moisture content and contaminants. And to ensure consistent quality, double inspections are standard with each sorting process prior to quality-control testing. Our lab is equipped with the latest technology to test chemistry, density, moisture and contamination.